Topics to Talk About With a Guy to Keep Him Interested

Keeping your beau interested and hanging around can be a full-time job. Certainly, it is not the easiest task in the world. Here we have piled up all the interesting things you can swear by to keep his attention only on you.

Also, men get bored really easy with an attention span of pea-size.  It can be really difficult to keep them interested in anything you say and share. Also, men think that women talk a lot about shopping but do they realize that, most of the talks are done to keep men interested?

People’s biggest fear is to face a lose-in-interest of their significant other. Most likely, they will remain interested because they see you as an interesting person. Often, you may feel that they grew distant in terms of communication, but they may not feel like talking because they are not interested in the conversation itself. So, it turns out that, they are really not interested in the kind of sale your brand had this week. Some of them may find shopping interesting but do you guy likes it?

How to Keep a Guy Hooked on a Conversation
You will definitely need to talk in a more thoughtful way to keep him interested. So, he is not your girl-friend and you cannot let the gossip flow. Also, you can not pour the information about your newest celebrity crush on him. 

He is not interested in any of them. Below we have 13 things, about which you can talk to your guy and keep his eyes fixated on you:

1. His Varying Interests: When he can talk about shopping even if he is not interested, why can’t you do the same? We mean, not talking about shopping again but bringing his interests in between. By discussing some of his real interests can not only make him willing to do better in it, but you will also get more of information about him. 

Men do not have a day long to talk about their interests. If he is a man with routine, he may not sit around a bunch of guys and talk about his own interests. So, when you toss an opportunity to let them talk about themselves, it will make them keep coming back.

2. More of his Work: A typical day of anyone consists 70% of work part. You will find any working men or women as overly proud of their work. So, why not ask them about it? Make sure, you do not miss asking about his work goals, likes, and dislikes. It is like, showing that you do care about another part of his lifestyle. 

3. Any of his Hobbies – Just Anything: His latest golf outing may not interest you so much, but it is something you should bring up. You can ask like how was it, what new learned and is it making him better? You can also continue asking about his newly developed hobby. This will surprise him and make him feel glad that you are actually interested in his things.

4. Sex: If just one word which can make a man cheer and pay some really extra attention is “Sex”. If you start with a tone, which may send some negative signal then you may lose, because this is really a touchy subject for them. But, if you are reaching for an intimate and great conversation, they are in! Bring your bedroom in between.

You may just start with like, what he likes and share if you would like to do something. Also, if he likes to try something new. Many times, it bridges a conversational gap and removes a certain relationship burden. It will also show that you are up for discussing any topics with him. 

5. Talk anything that has to do with him: Not to highlight a narcissist behavior here, but men love talking about themselves. So, whenever you find him shaming you about your nails, hair and all that, just throw a perky line about his new workout regime and body. This is exactly; he was looking forward to talking about. If you notice, some changes in his beard, haircut you just have to say something about it. Also, if he is spending some time in the gym, then you can also talk about it. Since you are showing some genuine interest, it will keep him happy and interested in the conversation.

6. Food: Food is a universal thing which guys love. When you start blubbering about this delicious topic, he is sure going to keep in his mind in your talks. Also, if you talk about cooking him some food, it will be really a bonus.  Add some cherry on the cake, and talk about cooking him food half naked!

7. Talk More About Common Things between You Two: Talk more about how good you both get along nicely. Also, if both of you share some common interest, you talk more about it. Also, why not discuss some newer things to try together. Also, some newly developed interests of yours which he may not know about. It is an unpardonable way to show him, that, you two make a good pair.

8. Try Some Humour: Why not staying away from all serious things sometimes. If both of you are not sitting to talk about something important, then just chuck it with light-hearted conversation. If you know about things which he finds funny, just show him that! It will definitely bring up some good-time conversation which will make him craving more time with you

9. Surprise Him: Always have some surprise tucked away in your conversations and spill it out at a moment’s notice. If you know, that he has a good knowledge about something, then just ask him about it. Keep him wondering that, what next you may come up with.  

If you tried everything above and looking forward to starting a conversation, ask him to play 20 questions. In this, you may not keep him interested but both of you will have a great conversation.