Relationship Questions to Test Compatability

Are you and your partner on the same page as one another? These fifty relationship questions are going to help you understand where you stand.
Compatibility plays an integral role for any relationship to work. It is said that opposites attract, but too many opposites are going to make it hard for you to stay together as too many differences arise.
In order to make things right, one of you might compromise, but that is never a long term solution. 

Relationship questions to check compatibility
Getting into fights often is pretty common and a reason could be some misunderstandings that need to be cleared up right away before they can come in the way of the love that you have for each other.
Choose a comfortable timing, maybe a lazy Sunday afternoon to talk things over with your partner, with an open mind. Take initiative and make sure both of you answer the questions so that you can both know each other’s views on the matter. Just remember to be unbiased and truthful, as the purpose of this is to get to understand your partner better, the way they think, see and analyze things. 

Here is a list of some questions that you can ask each other-

1)”What, according to you, should be the ideal number of calls exchanged between a couple in a day?”
2)”If you had to compromise your happiness in order to make the relationship successful, would you?”
3)”What do you think of when I say ‘romantic vacation’?”
4)”What do you think is the most important thing to make a relationship work?”
5)”What classifies as cheating, according to you?”
6)”If I were to cheat on you, would you be able to forgive me?”
7)”Would you ever apologize to me even if you are not at fault?”
8)”Are you still in talking terms with any of your past lovers?”
9)”What do you think finance planning between couples should be like?”
10)”Is celebrating valentine’s day too cliched?”
11)”What did impression did you form of me when we first met? Has it changed in any way after all this time?”
12)”How would you respond if someone good looking flirts with you while I am not around?”
13)”What is your idea of a romantic gift? Are they about being memorable or useful?”
14)”How would you want to spend an entire day with me?”
15)”Which memory of us is your favourite?”
16)”If I told you to jump off a cliff having an invisible net that I say will catch you, will you trust me blindly and jump?”
17)”Do you have to know about everyone that I am friends with and the conversations that I have with each of them?”
18)”Do you think it’s okay to keep our pasts secret from one another and never mention them?”
19)”What are your thoughts on confessing things to each other? Does it make the relationship stronger or sound like a bad idea?”
20)”Is using the toilet with the door open okay with you?”
21)”Supposing we were to break up, would you ask me to return all things that you have gifted me or respond in a similar way such as giving me my stuff back?”
22)”Which love song do you think best describes our relationship?”
23)”Describe the idea of the perfect partner that you have in your mind. To what extent do you find me fitting into it?”
24)”What would make you happier- sharing or sacrificing in a relationship?”
25)”Would you ever lie just to make me happy and where would you draw a line to the lying?”
26)”What annoying habits that you have observed in other couples do you dislike the most?”
27)”Who, according to you fits the definition of a perfect partner, an attractive person or a smart one?”
28)”What do you think is the best way to vent out your frustrations with your partner regarding the relationship?”
29)”When was the last time that you dreamt of me?”
30)”If we went to a store to buy something and liked different products, would you go with my choice or yours?”
31)”What, according to you, is sex about? Playing by the rules or pushing the boundaries and trying new things?”
32)”How often would you like to take me out in a month?”
33)”What is the one thing that turns you off the most, sexually?”
34)”What according to you is the sexiest trait that can be found in a guy/girl?”
35)”What is your wildest fantasy and what do you say about trying it out together?”
36)”Would my spending a lot of time at work make you feel insecure?”
37)”How many people have you been with in the past?”
38)”If you found out in some way about my making a decision you think is going to harm me in the long run, what would you do about it?”
39)”What do you think about you and me having kids someday?”
40)”What was the last thing I did that made you mad?”
41)”If you exchange glances with someone attractive somewhere, would you tell me?”
42)”What is the craziest thing that you can think of that you would be willing to do for me?”
43)”What kind of parents do you think we would make?”
44)”What, according to you is the right time to get married?”
45)”What is that one thing about me that if given a choice, you would want to change?”
46)”If your mother and I ever got in an argument, whose side would you be on?”
47)”Would you be willing to move to be with me?”
48)”Would you be okay with discussing your health issues openly with me?”
49)”If you are in a bad mood, would you prefer some alone time or for me to cheer you up?”
50)”What matters more to you, spending time with each other, or having sex?”

Try asking each other these relationship questions to get to know more about one another, which is also going to save you from many fights and arguments in the future, as you will understand them better. You’ll be doing your relationship a favour.