Real Signs of True Love in a relationship

Love at first sight is a worn out concept these days. It is, in fact, not love at all. It is mostly infatuation. More like a wave of sexual and romantic emotions washing over you, making you feel overwhelmed.
It takes more than a glance to sculpt true love.
So before you judge whether your love for someone is true or not, what you need to understand is that it is of utmost importance to take things at a slow pace in any relationship for it to work out well.
Usually, when you fall for someone just because of how they look, it isn’t love that you are experiencing. Even though it may feel like it, it isn’t.
It is merely a stage, the first stage to be particular, in the many stages that love has. It’s called the infatuation stage. 

What is true love like?
Ironic as it may seem, it is not possible to accurately define true love. 
It is the kind that we all want, and keep looking for all our lives, but don’t find or realize it until it’s too late
It is the sort of love that you feel for someone in a way that isn’t restrained by the general code of human behavior. The usual human behavior is easy to grasp. When hurt by someone, it makes you angry. When you see someone achieve success, you feel envy. When someone clashes with your ego, you seek vengeance. These traits of human behavior come naturally to us.
When you are in true love with someone, your usual behavior changes around them. Especially for that particular person whom you are in love with. It makes you want to be a better human being. It is above everything else.

When does one experience true love?
Like a good cup of coffee, true love takes time to brew. What is experienced in the initial stages of a relationship is purely based on infatuation and attraction.
With the first few fights and arguments, the infatuation fades and love comes to the rescue. This is exactly why some couples start to become emotionally distant and even break up eventually as they realize they are not compatible for one another. 
If you are in a relationship where you feel a sense of belonging, and are able to understand each other, you stand fair chances of being in and experiencing true love.

Experiencing true love
Contrary to popular belief, experiencing true love is not a once in a lifetime thing. You could experience it multiple times, or with multiple people at the same time- be it your lover, your children, or your friends. 
Sadly, true love too can wither with the passage of time. For a majority of people, their first love would have to be the time when they experienced love in its purest form. For someone who has never had a heartbreak, they would be the ones who would give all they have to someone they love without being afraid of anything. This kind of love is the most passionate as it fears nothing.
But as this first love comes to an end, even though it takes time and several other new experiences to overcome it, we tend to become either of these two types of people:
The first, is the kind which believes that true romance never dies and the second kind, that comes to believing that true love does not exist. One’s beliefs regarding true love majorly depend on the kind of relationships that they have encountered in their lifetime.
As for romantic love, it is not synonymous for true love. While true love is pure in its form, romantic love is about meeting the sexual needs of a passionate individual.

True love cannot be forced
True love is something that cannot be faked. You cannot pretend to be in it. It comes naturally from the heart. The couples that are unable to pass the infatuation stage, or the first stage of love itself, can hardly ever experience what it’s like to be in true love. 
That being said, if two individuals happen to understand each other and genuinely enjoy being in each other’s company, they start to develop the bond of true love. 

Signs of true love in a perfect romance
The signs of true love can be read in any relationship. Find out for yourself where you stand in yours:

  1. Give and take in love
    You give them all you have without expecting anything in return.

  2. Happiness
    There is no amount of frustration that a smile or a laugh from your loved one can’t heal. It just makes you happy to see them happy.

  3. Pain and anger
    Even though sometimes they make you angry, you always end up forgiving them because not talking with them hurts more than the fight itself.

  4. Sacrifice
    You make sacrifices in order to make them happy, even if they may never know about it.

  5. Effort
    You put in a genuine effort to make them feel loved and special and acknowledge their presence in your life and make them feel wanted.

  6. You can never hurt them
    Payback is a basic human instinct, but when it comes to your loved ones, you don’t ever want to do anything that causes them pain- physical or emotional.

  7. Keeping your promises
    You keep the promises you make, regardless of whether they have a chance of finding out if you kept them. You simply want to keep your words and be true to yourself as well as them.

  8. “We”
    When you truly love someone, they become a part of your life and you always think of them when making important decisions. 

  9. Sharing their burden
    You can’t leave them to suffer alone. If there is something wrong, you want to make it alright and actively take part in solving them problems while treating them as your own.

  10. Pride and envy
    Envy is never in the picture as long as you truly love someone. And pride is the topmost emotion you feel when they achieve anything, even if it is something that you wanted for yourself.

  11. Suffering
    You can undergo any amount of suffering, as long as it makes them happy.

  12. POV
    You think from their perspective at all times and in all things that involve them. You ensure that nothing that you do ends up hurting them.
With these 12 signs of true love, we hope you are able to now better understand and grasp what selfless true love is really about.
Even if you don’t relate, don’t feel disheartened. Even if you aren’t there yet in your relationship, you will one day reach that place. The most important thing is for both of you to be happy. And if you have that, you are already halfway where you need to be.