Pickup lines to use on Men

Why should boys have all the fun?
That’s right. Women are capable of delivering pick up lines as good as (if not better than) men.
You will find down below, a list of some lines that you can use while picking up men.
The society has has always stereotyped men to be the only ones who are supposed to woo over the opposite sex. Thanks to the new rules of the youth of today, this is no longer a necessity. A woman can pick up a guy every bit as easily as the usual other way round.
If you are a woman, you surely must have been hit on at bars with men using the cheesiest of pick up lines, and I am here to tell you that it is completely alright for you to go out and try the same.

Here is a lesser known fact: Men love dirty pick up lines.
Yes. Men actually enjoy a little female attention. Who doesn’t dig compliments? Plus, it only makes the whole process more fun. 
Since olden times, the society believes that the role of the woman in the whole process of being picked up is to be hit on and either accept or reject the idea of going out with the guy. The newer version to this happens to be where women know the power they have in their dating scenes where they can deliver some kickass pick up lines and impress men of their liking.
Down below are some pick up lines that are sure to leave him spellbound:

  1. Hello, may I know your name? I should probably know what I’ll be screaming out loud tonight.
  2. Hi there, I sure as hell won’t be needing any sugar to swallow you.
  3. Hi. I was wondering if you’re a candle. Cause I really want to blow you.
  4. Hey, nice shirt. What is it made of, boyfriend material, perhaps?
  5. If I told you that I work for the UPS, would you let me delicately handle your package?
  6. Hi, kiss me if I’m wrong, but isn’t your name Jake?
  7. Those are some nice pants that you have on. Mind if I check to see if the zipper works?
  8. Wow, you look like you are really a hard worker. I have an opening that you can fill, if you’re interested.
  9. You look pretty cute. You know what would make your face look even cuter? If I sat on it for a little while.
  10. Have you heard about the Australian kiss? It’s just like the French kiss, just a lot down below the lips.
  11. I didn’t feel like wearing any socks today. And then I decided to match my underwear to that.
  12. Do you have any idea what would look really good on you right now? Me.
  13. Are you by any chance David Beckham? Cause I would totally bend for you.
  14. I might get a bit wasted tonight. But the condom that is kept inside my purse doesn’t need to be.
  15. Wow, you feel like quite the opposite of my homework in high school. (How?) I actually want to do you all night long.
  16. (When he asks your name) They call me the “Truth”, cause to be quite honest, most people can’t handle me.
  17. If I had known I would be getting this wet tonight, I’d have worn my bikini.
  18. Don’t hold your breath if you want me in your bed tonight.
  19. You look like you could totally be on my to-do list for the night.
  20. Hey, you look familiar. Have we been naked together before? (No) Well, we should try doing that.
  21. Nice pants, they look good on you. But perhaps they would look even better on the floor at my place.
  22. Want to be in a porno movie? We don’t need to tape it.
  23. (What is your name?) My name is (your name), but I won’t mind if you call me tonight.
  24. You know what would taste really good with that drink? My mouth.
  25. Screw me if I’m wrong, but didn’t we meet yesterday?
  26. Can I please borrow a kiss from you? I swear I’ll give it right back.
  27. I was feeling pretty much off today, but you still managed to turn me on.
  28. Wanna play Titanic? The rules are simple. I say “iceberg” and you go down.
  29. What’s the matter, you feeling down? I can help feel you up if you want.
  30. Are you my pinky toe cause I feel like banging you on every possible furniture.
  31. Hey, do you want to try the 68? (What?) Well, you go down on me and then I owe you 1.
  32. Roses are red, violets fine, you be my 6 and I’ll be your 9.
  33. Woah, is that a mirror in your pocket cause I can totally see myself in your pants.
  34. We could totally be hot chocolate and marshmallow. You’re hot and I can’t wait to be on top of you.
  35. Wanna play carpenter? Easy, peasy. First we get hammered and then I let you nail me.
  36. Is it getting loud in here? (Yes) You could use my thighs as earmuffs, it’ll help reduce the noise.
  37. Do you like camels? Cause I would love it if we go and hump back at my place.
  38. Is it getting hot in here or is it just because of you?
  39. I’m not that much into wine. I prefer moans anyday.
  40. Hi, are you a fireman? Cause you came in all hot and left me so wet.
These are enough to give you an idea. Go ahead and make up your own! Don’t be afraid if they come out cheesy. Pick up lines are more often than not supposed to be that way. Just remember, confidence is key. 
Using bold pick up lines on men isn’t every woman’s cup of tea, but with practice you can get where you need to be. And if you do get these right, you will be having some real entertainment tonight. Shoutout to all the women who aren’t afraid to take the first step.