Metabolic Nutrition Synedrex should be left on the shelf

With fat burning supplements targeting at multiplying the goals of your daily exercises with an emphasis on accelerating the process of thermogenesis, you are likely to shed excessive fat and look more toned. This is where the fat burning product from Metabolic Nutritions- Synedrex comes forth with its embedded ingredients and nutrients to facilitate the weight loss objectives and foster a much improved and toned muscle. However, it is essential to explore about Synedrex’s efficacy, its ingredients, nutrients and if there is any potential side-effects.

Synedrex- An Overview
Synedrex is a thermogenic dietary supplement aiming at reducing fat deposits from the body and promoting metabolisms. It includes active ingredients, other nutrients and components designed to provide just the right effects you want. Those ingredients are:

  • Methylexanthine
  • Sulbutiamine
  • Methylepentane Citrate
  • Yohimbine and
  • Sandal Wood Extract
  • Other Secondary Ingredients are:
  • Niacin
  • Chromium
  • Alpha Lipoic acid

    The supplement is recommended not to take more than twice a day.  It is better to take 12 hours before going to sleep as the caffeine properties in the medication can disturb the sleeping nature.
Functions of Synedrex
Its active ingredients are effective in offering several fat loss and related benefits.

  • Accelerates the process of metabolism
  • Prevents fat deposits from getting restored in the body
  • Suppress hunger
  • Boosts Energy
Synedrex is produced in soft gel capsules, thus starting to work instantly by getting dissolved and digested in the intestine.  Many consumers have been reported to complain about its side-effects. Jitters, anxiety, palpitation and chest pain are some of the negative impacts of this product. Besides, there are some negative reports of internal bleeding too developed from the use of Synedrex. Since it contributes to negative impacts, it is worth seeing a doctor and having consultations before use this supplement as your key weight loss companion.  

How Synedrex Works?
Strength training or fitness workouts alone cannot aid the fat burning and further fat loss. They do, but the effective results can be achieved in a longer period. Additionally, fat burning does not mean loss of fat you want. Fat is definitely important for low intensity activities such as watching TV, sitting idle or sleeping. After hours of exercises and intensity workouts, we seem to stay sedentary the entire day. And our workout regimen seems to contribute only to 10% weight loss and fat burning. In order to reduce the whole body fat, a proper balance of negative energy must be regulated throughout the year. This is where Synedrex comes into play to promote a toned physique with improved metabolic rate. Synedrex accelerates the mechanism of metabolism to produce more energy and thus, promoting weight loss goals.

Ingredients And Their Functions

This compound has the property which is helpful in promoting energy and fat oxidation. The key source of Methylexanthine is caffeine with other secondary sources being paraxathine,theophylline,  and theobromnie.. It is effective in relaxing cardiovascular health and stimulating the muscles. It provides a good source of energy for the entire day. However, this chemical compound also contains diuretic.  

Methylepentane Citrate
Methylepentane Citrate or better known as dimethylbutylamine contains extra carbon and it contributes to the fat loss process. It stimulates the central nervous system to increase fuel burning and helps in metabolism. Although the effects of this compound have been scientifically approved, their effects are moderate.
As per a study, the properties in sulbutiamine aid in treating the erectile dysfunctions and promoting a healthy sex drive. This compound also offers to suppress appetite and burn fat to aid fast weight loss goals.

The extracts of Yohimbine have been added to many male enhancement products to up the libido. Additionally, it adds volume to penile girth to promote stimulation of the penis. Chemically, this compound is essentially effective in offering weight loss goals, both for men and women. It reduces the fat deposits abs down for men and around hips for women.
Sandal Wood Extract
Sandal wood extract has effective pharmacological effects. Amongst so many active compounds, it’s one of the active compounds is santalol. It aids fat loss by preventing the deposits of fat. It also improves the digestive functions.

It is an effective compound to aid the niacin flush. This is a phenomenon which widens the walls of the blood vessels and helps in thermogenic mechanism to produce more heat. Hence, this thermogenic in Synedrex is for this compound. It also is found to improve the secretion of serotonin to provide feel good effects.

The compound in chromium regulates blood sugar levels by using insulin. It aims at promoting weight loss and building of muscles rapidly.

Benefits Of Synedrex
  • It effectively suppresses hunger by influencing the neurotransmitter in the brain associated to curb the feeling of hunger. On the other way, it forms a gel like layer in the stomach by getting dissolved and prevents the urge leading to the hunger feeling.
  • It aids the production of heat in the body by stimulating and activating many cells. Thus, it encourages cells to become activated and work hard to produce more energy. This way, it enhances and accelerates the process of metabolism.
  • With enhanced body fitness through metabolism and fat burning, the sex drive seems to be on the high. It improves erectile dysfunctions and better erections.
  • It comes with a 30 day return policy.
Disadvantages of Synedrex
  • The ingredients of Synedrex seem to bring forth many negative healthy complications.
  • Caffeine side-effects
  • Contains DMBA
  • The containment of two stimulants such as yohimbine and caffeine does more harms than any good.
  • It does not provide any money back guarantee.
One bottle of Synedrex contains 45 soft gel capsules, which costs $49.99. However, pay less while buying from online retailers.

Final Verdict
There is no clinical evidence about the ingredient’s efficacy towards the objectives of weight loss along with an increase in sex drive. Some of the ingredients have moderate levels of the beneficial effects on the weight loss, but other fail to do so. Furthermore, some of the ingredients could be detrimental to your health as they cause some potential side-effects. The containment of diuretic causes dehydration while caffeine properties in Synedrex can affect your sleeping patterns. Therefore, it is better to take your physician’s advice to check if your health conditions cater to the compositions and other constituents of Synedrex.