Leyzene Review-Does it work?

Male enhancement pills are promised to enhance the sexual performances and address your sexual health, including erectile dysfunctions and premature ejaculation. With age, these complications are normal for older men and they tend to lose libido. However, to overcome these issues, what do you think how much effective are the nonprescription methods of the male enhancement pills? Or do the male enlargement ranges create downright dangerous for your health?

When talking about the male enhancement products out on the market, the best reviews seem to flock toward Leyzene. One of the best and most preferred male enhancement brands on Amazon.com and other online shopping portals. Well, let’s go beyond the reviews and explore the product efficacy and how much is it worth to enhance your libido for a better sexual performance?

What is Leyzene?

Well, it is not a part of POS display at the medical outlets aiming at enhancing your impulsive behavior with its graphic of a half-naked steamy couple under the sheets on the package.  Does this erotic image really work to boost the libido and improve your erectile functions?  Let’s get into what it takes to make Leyzene?

Overview of Leyzene

It is a capsule made for performance enhancement. It comes in a strip inside a paper carton and aims at helping in optimized erections, improved libido, enhanced stamina and overall satisfied sexual performance. This medicated capsule is designed to act as an aphrodisiac to stimulate your sexual desires. Like so many natural aphrodisiac products, it is also claimed to be prepared with natural ingredients.

Functions as claimed by Leyzene

All you need to do is take a pill half an hour before your indulgence in sexual intercourse for the satisfied performance. Besides offering enhanced sexual performances, it has other benefits too.
  • Increase in testosterone levels

  • Increase the duration of sexual intercourse

  • Boost endurance

  • Enhanced results

  • Healthy secretion of nitric oxide for hard and satisfied erections

  • Out of the world sexual pleasure for both of you

Where is Leyzene Available?  

Amazon.com aside, it is available direct from the website of the maker of this product Natural Subsistence LLC which is headquartered in Ohio.

What goes into the making of Leyzene?

Well, Leyzene has all the natural ingredients which are highly devised to give you the best results you want.

Horny Goat Weed

The blood flow to the penile region is triggered by your arousal. And Horny Goat Weed scientifically known as Epimedium is just a natural herb that boosts the blood flow to the right place. This herb helps you have the firmer erections.


This is an ingredient that contains natural chemicals intended to act as a PDE- 5 inhibitors. This is termed as a physical performance enhancer by improving the blood flow to the various parts of your body, allowing you to take the heavy loads easily. The recent studies showcased that for a better quality of erections in bed, it works just like a magic.

Arginine Nitrate

Best known by its chemical name L-Arginine, it activates the blood cells and improves the blood flow at the groin region by secreting nitric oxide. This chemical is better known for offering a great stamina for firmer and stronger erections. With a good flow of activated blood infused with nitric oxide all over your body, you are likely to stay longer in bed.

Mucuna Pruriens

This ingredient is better known for being a sexual enhancer and normalizing the hormone levels. It activates your sexual desire while reducing your body fat by building lean body mass.


To prove the efficacy of Icariin, the research has been carried on rats. And it is established to be one of the best testosterone substances to imitate this male sex organ in a better way. It is also used to cure male impotency as per Chinese medicine.

The efficacy of Leyzene

As per the manufacture of this product, this product has all the active ingredients of the best aphrodisiac. The horny goat weed is effective to offer enhanced results in the penis enlargement. At the same time, the four potent ingredients are devised to work better in intensifying and improving physical and mental performances. Infused with so many active natural and herbal compounds, it promises to offer improved muscle and increased in vitality and vigor, thus improving your sex drive.


Many other male enhancement and enlargement ranges are available on the market, but it is unlikely to need to be taken twice daily or on a regular basis. Just pop a single pill half an hour right before the act and when you feel to take it. The dose is applicable for any type of formula currently available on the market.

Whereas side-effect is concerned, the official site of Leyzene claims no such negative impacts on the health.

And, you have a value for your money as it comes with a money back guarantee if no claimed results are achieved within a few months.

How worthy is the product to your satisfaction:

Except for its official website, Leyzene is available on Amazon. Com. And with lots of reviews being handy, it is easier for you to decide its efficacy before you use it. On Amazon, there are more than 3000 reviews currently; 50% with 5 rated stars and 24% with 1 rated star while others being between good and average rates. Many of the reviews emphasize on its ineffectiveness, but no reviews on side-effects are seen here. So far, the product is safe to use. Whether you are susceptible or not to the side-effects of the products, that entirely depends on the clinical intervention of the expert medical practitioners. So before use, always ask for a doctor’s recommendation.


  • The reviews about the product efficacy are not clear as customers complain of no positive results at all.

  • The price of one strip of Leyzene capsules costs around $27.99 which is quite pricey as compared to others.

  • There are fewer clinical pieces of evidence about the efficiency of the products.

  • No extensive information about the manufacturer is available.

The expected tenure of the positive result

The result is expected to be seen within a few minutes of consumption. However, the effect can be varied from individual’s health conditions.


Leyzene is a good male enhancement product formulated to enhance the male performance in bed with a great vitality and extended duration for the ultimate satisfaction. In addition to this, it also aims to offer a boost to the overall sexual and mental health as well as aiming to improve the sexual performances. It does contain the same ingredients as others do available on the market as male enhancement products. So, no specific formulation is seen in this product. It is also not clinically proven to be effective for the enhancement of the male sexual performance. At the same time, it also misses containing the most effective compound like Caltrops or Prosexual Nutrients.  So, for an instant stamina, Leyzene could be effective, but fail to offer a required hormonal increase.