Legacy Labs Cognitine Review -Is it a hoax

Cognitive skills and abilities are well associated with every human to guide them to perform a wide range of tasks- be it easy or tough one. To say more accurately, they are brain-based skills which are important to many aspects of daily life mechanisms. They are the techniques to discern, to learn, to solve rather than any particular knowledge.

Further, cognition is integrated with the brain functions. The neuronal channels in the brains facilitate the brain functions like memory, and its mechanism depends on the back of the forehead. These cognitive abilities are likely to decline with age and the lack of proper applications. Research on the decline of cognitive skills with age throws lights on the reason with a study published in the journal by Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon University.  The decline of cognitive abilities including memory is common and normal with people above 40 and it takes it speed after that. However, these biological processes can be slowed or prevented with some outside influences. Kathy Magnusson, a neuroscientist at Linus Pauling Institute opined that with different methods such as good lifestyle, targeted practice and some drugs. This is where Legacy Labs Cognitine comes into the picture. It is formulated by the Legacy Labs to improve the lives of people suffering from memory loss with potential risks to develop mental disorders.

Cognitine – An Overview

Manufactured by Legacy Labs, a Nevada based company; it promises to be an effective brain supplement to facilitate older men with improved memory, enhanced learning skills, improved concentration and others. The formulation of this brain supplement aims at influencing the production of neurotransmitter in the brains to promote healthy cognition in masses. As the claims made by the manufacturer, Cognitine is designed to offer the mental and physical benefits from the first pill only.

Though the product is not approved by FDA, it has a legitimate identity as this is produced by one of the better companies that produce other health supplements.

How Does Cognitine work?

If you think Cognitine can offer mental health benefits such as those of smart drug nootropics- that enhances the brain functions while feeding your brain with extra boost, you are making a mistake. The supplement does include some level of stimulants, but not in high doses like nootropics.  Its primary functions are to enhance the ability of brain to perform well using mental strength

The active compounds and ingredients of this brain supplement have been formulated to stimulate the NMDA receptors with many subunits- important cells responsible for cognitive abilities in all living things. These receptors do not remain active all the time, hence they tend to weaken the memory and need a strong stimulus to activate the cognition and help you remember. This is how Cognitine works to influence these NMDA receptors and boosts memory.

The Ingredients and Their Functions

Cognitine includes a wide variety of ingredients and minerals to aid the functions of the brain and activate it to functions properly.

Water hyssop or Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa or more commonly known as water hyssop has been used in many ayurvedic medicines for long in India. The medicinal property of the plant is used to address many mental disorders such as anxiety and ADHD. The mental condition like Alzheimer’s is also treated using this plant. It is helpful for both old and young to improve the conditions related to memory loss by increasing the secretion of neurochemicals in the brain to facilitate interactions between the brain cells.

This chemical compound- an artificial version of the periwinkle plant is able to improve the mental functions by supplying the blood to the brain and prevent different mental disorders such as ischemic strokes and Alzheimer’s. It also improves the mental ability to observe information with ease and quick response.

Huperzine A

Huperzine A is a chemical compound which is derived from the Chinese club moss. It enables the brain to learn with quick responses and heal several mental disorders, occurred due to the age. 

Gingko Biloba
This effective compound promotes a healthy brain by activating neurons and also prevents the factors resulting in memory decline and reduces the chances of cognitive disability.


Docosahexaenoic acid- commonly referred to as DHA is important to mental health and brain development as well rather than the development of nerve tissues only. Different baby formula brands include DHA in their products to aid the development of brain.  The chemical substance is effective in preventing mental disorders like dementia, ADHD and others.

L- Glutamine 

Though not associated with improving the brain functionality, L-Glutamine enables you to prevent mental disorders such as insomnia, depression and anxiety.

The Dosage Instructions

As per the dosage instructions of Legacy Labs, the capsules of Cognitine must be taken twice a day. Take a capsule in the morning and the other in the afternoon with meal. Avoid consuming the capsules after 4 pm.

Pros Of Cognitine

  • Valid reviews about the product’s efficacy are available online.
  • Available with a money back guarantee and concession is offered with the purchase of two containers together.
  • It promotes healthy functions of the brain for age related people.
  • The ingredients are useful in treating cognitive skills decline.   
  • Facilitates overall health for every one suffered from mental disorder and a decline in cognitive fitness.

Cons of Cognitine  

  • The product is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau.
  • It is not available from the retailers like Amazon.com rather than the Legacy Labs own website.
  • The product seems to be pricey.
  • It causes some mild circulatory issues.


A bottle of Cognitine contains 60 pills which cost $139.99 from its official website. Another bottle of Cognitine is available at $67.

The Final Verdict
The active ingredients and the formulation of Cognitine facilitate the overall well-being of the brain and improve the responses of the brain. Individuals with cognitive decline due to age factors and even children can benefit from this brain supplement. However, the reimbursement policy is less likely to work for the unsatisfied users. Since the product is pricey, it is better to seek doctor’s interventions to consider this supplement to improve your mental abilities.