How to eat a girl out

Going down on a girl is the perfect way to get her screaming and becoming her superstar in no time. However, if not done right, you will end up ruining it for her.
Eating out a girl is not as easy as simply going down on her and sticking out your tongue. It needs practice and with time you will learn the art of getting her to reach the big O.

Benefits of eating her out
If you think that simply having sex is enough to get a girl to reach an orgasm and maximize her pleasure, let us tell you that you are wrong. This is so because girls love foreplay. Since it takes them longer than men to reach climax, they need the foreplay that can take them there.

Tips to make her scream
If you want to get her screaming with pleasure, these tips might come in handy in order to teach yourself the required skills and with practice you will surely succeed.

1)Building the anticipation
A girls loves it when a guy text her telling her of naughty things he has planned to do to her. It will get her in the mood instantly, no matter where she is. Just build the anticipation by sending her one such message, letting her know of all that you have to offer and her response is sure to surprise you because she will be getting quite excited and eager to let you do these things to her.

2)Heat her up all over
Don’t directly move on to her lady parts, build things up for her first. This gets her in the mood. Feel her up all the way, kiss her like you mean it, kiss her on the neck, and make her squirm.

3)Go slow
You don’t want to make her feel like you are in a hurry. That is a major turn off. So go down on her slowly, taking your time, kissing and licking every part of her body that falls in the way. 

4)Finding the magic button
What is the magic button, you ask? Well, time to learn a bit about the female body parts. Here we refer to the clitoris or as it is commonly called, the clit. Knowing where her clit is will help you reach your goal of successfully making her come. The clit plays a pretty important role in the process of eating a girl out, so you want to be well informed about it.

5)Use your tongue well
Repeated movement in the clitoral region makes a girl wet and that is why vibrators work as great simulators. So mirror that motion by flicking your tongue up and down, back and forth.

6)Apply pressure
Simply flicking your tongue around is not going to get her there. While going at her down there as fast as you can with your tongue, apply some pressure too. You can judge the amount of pressure to be applied based on her reactions.

7)Using your lips
Give her all you have got. Make use of everything that your mouth can offer. Use your lips too. Plant kisses down there. Pull on her clit with your lips. Giving an oral does not have to be strictly about the tongue, it’s all about as much pleasure as you can give her.

8)Use suction
As long as your lips are involved, you might want to use them to suck and pull on her clit to make her go crazy.

9)Your fingers
Don’t forget to use your fingers. As you eat her out, stimulate her G-spot using your fingers. Just slip one in as you are working over her with your tongue and watch her moan away in ecstacy.

10)Ask her what she likes
You can always take feedback from her directly, asking if she liked what you were doing and what else she wants you to do to her. Although, if you have been following these tips up above, she should be breathless by this point and it might some time for her to get back to her senses and answer. Use this time to catch your breath and using her feedback, improve your methods to ensure her enjoyment. 

11)Simulating other parts of her body
Reach out with your hands and grab and squeeze other parts of her body, paying them equal attention. Reach up to her boobs or grab her ass and play around with them for a bit. Giving her multiple simulations is going to overwhelm her and make the journey to her orgasm more pleasurable.

12)Switching positions
Different positions are not just about finding a comfortable position for yourself to settle in, they are all going to simulate her differently. And to keep things interesting, you want to keep changing positions, from time to time and find the one that works best for her. Upside down, face up against her, sideways, the possibilities are endless.

13)Experiment with the intensity
Keep on switching your speed from slow at first to going fast. As far as pressure is concerned, start off with softly pressing, followed by applying some more pressure and then going back to softcore again. Remember, variety is pretty important in the process of making her reach the big O.

14)Let her know you are enjoying too
You might not be aware, but letting a girl know that you like going down on her instead of just focussing on getting the job done is going to make a huge difference for her. Letting them know you enjoy eating her out is going to make her like it even more. 
Girls tend to get insecure about things, so let her know there is nothing to worry about and keep telling her from time to time how much fun it is and let her relax in this manner.

15)Ask what she wants
A simple “tell me what you want me to do to you” will give you all answers you need. This is the most effective way of focussing on the things that work for her and thus give the best possible results.

These things take practice and time in order to have a mastery over them, and once you have it, she will be screaming your name on the top of her lungs, asking you to never stop!