GNC Maca Man Review – Does it Work?

With aging, arise a great deal of problems related to sexual health of a man. It is inevitable and something that almost all men suffer alike.
There are, however, ways to fix these problems in a natural manner. For the very same purpose, supplements like GNC Maca Man have been manufactured. As the manufacturers claim, these supplements are known to be capable of reversing the symptoms that lead to problems like erectile dysfunction, reduced performance, reduced size of erection and lack of sexual libido.
These issues are pretty common for men over the age of 40 years.
Even though Maca Man promises to help solve these problems, research and consumer reviews suggest that the effects can only be seen after 5 weeks of usage.
The suggested dosage of these pills is 3 pills to be taken 6 hours prior to having sex. They have proven to show a 40% increase in sexual functioning. 

Effectiveness of Product
After being consumed for 5 weeks, the increase in sexual libido and performance was that of 40% which is in reality average, when compared to competitor products in the market. For people needing a push or a little help, this product should work fine. But for those looking for regular strength and guaranteed performance in bed, this would not exactly be the product of choice. 

Ingredients of the Product
The ingredients used for the making of GNC Maca Man are individually pretty good and can help a great deal in achieving the desired goals and fighting problems of the sexual health system of the body. However, when combined into one product, they only provide average results.

The said ingredients are listed down below-
  1. L-Arginine
    As it is a precursor of nitric oxide, it helps trigger the production of the compound. This compound helps in dilating the blood cells which further leads to better blood circulation, and also increase in the performance and functioning of the brain. The content of arginine in this formula is that of a thousand milligrams. Insufficient blood flow has been found to be one of the major causes for erectile dysfunction in men. Arginine helps increase the blood flow to the genitals by dilation of the blood vessels. It also helps with size related problems, hardness of the penis and performance during intercourse. It is a safe and sound way of helping a man with his libido. In addition to all these things, it also helps build muscle and perform better during exercise.

  2. Maca Root
    The formula consists of about 900 milligrams of Maca Root (also known as Peruvian Ginseng). It has been observed to improve the stamina, energy and performance- even in athletic performance. It helps with problems regarding arousal, sexual desire, sex drive and erectile dysfunction. It also helps improve fertility and sperm count of the individual. Often erectile function can result from depression and this ingredient works wonders for that as well. It helps affect the mood of the individual.  

  3. Yohimbe Bark Extract
    It is a herbal supplement which helps fight problems that a man encounters as he ages. In individuals that are capable of procreation, this ingredient helps boost their sexual desires. It can treat ailments such as low libido, low energy levels, and hormonal imbalance. Due to these properties, it has ended up earning the title of ‘herbal viagra’. Some other names of this substance are Johime, Aphrodine, Yocon, Yohimex, Yohimbehe and Corynine. Studies have shown that it may even help with serious issues like impotence. However, it works best when combined in a supplement with other ingredients such as L-Arginine which provides an improved blood flow.  

  4. Ginkgo Biloba
    It is an herb that essentially targets the blood circulation and helps in treating erectile dysfunction that has been induced by antidepressants. It also has positive effects on the consumer’s sexual desire and also helps them attain longer lasting erections. The ginkgo leaf extract acts as a vasodilator which basically increases the all over body blood flow.  Improved circulation can also lead to better fertility with increase in sperm count. Even though this ingredient is yet to be approved individually, it has proven to provide desired results upon being combined with other ingredients such as L-Arginine, Ginseng and Zinc. 

  5. Niacin
    The formula contains 50 milligrams of this ingredient. Also known as vitamin B3, it ensures the proper metabolism of energy (this is done by converting proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the body into useful energy) which ultimately causes an increase in sex drive. In the process, it also encourages blood flow. Even though it has a minor side effect of temporary flushing of the skin, it has proven to help with a lot of sexual problems including erectile dysfunction, by helping the manufacture of sex hormones and improved blood circulation. It can also help regulate sleep pattern of an individual. 

Maca Man Pros
  • The ingredients that have been used in this product help target issues of the penis such as longevity of erection and its frequency.
  • By proper metabolism of nutrients, the product supplies energy to the body pretty efficiently.
  • No major side effects have been found for this product.
  • Better, more enjoyable sex.

Maca Man Cons
  • No discounts for this product.
  • It is unable to treat all the conditions associated with erectile dysfunction.
  • The size of pills is huge which makes them hard to swallow.
  • Not much information regarding the product’s effects is available on the internet.
  • Certain side effects may occur such as dizziness, rise in heart rate, or allergic reaction. 

The product, GNC Maca Man, is mostly well suited for someone seeking a temporary refute from ED problems. For a permanent solution and help regarding major issues, one must search for better suited supplements which will address and eradicate all the problems being faced.
Before beginning any medication, it is advised to consult a doctor and also find out more about the products through research and be aware of all possible side effects. In case of any unease, one must seek immediate medical attention.