Dirty Ways To Have The Sexiest Rough Sex Ever

How do you see the powerful dominance on you during sex? And how does it feel like when your guy grabs you by the hair and goes at it? The rough attitude would definitely please you as it does to other women across the world. So, you would probably love it. Unless you are a feminist who does not want to be dominated by her guy, the submission in bed is simply hot and doubles your sexual pleasure. Research also says that dominance in mutual sex perks up the sexual satisfaction and takes sexual intimacy to the next level.
So, when we talk about rough sex, it takes no time to understand that it’s all about the pain and pleasure. Yes, the rougher the acts, the more pleasurable the sex is.
Few Interesting Facts About Rough Sex
Rough sex involves romanticism and aggression at the same time. It cannot always be carried out by anyone unless you know each other better. So, when you know each others’ capabilities and limitations, the pleasure is way too enjoyable and exciting.
It is not a disease, but believe it, it is quite contagious. When you refuse to give in to your guy in submission and dig him with your sharp nails, it heightens the degree of arousal in your partner too. And he in return shows all his aggression and brutal instinct to you, which you will definitely love.  The submission here is simply out-of-the-world, and you will really relish it.

Rough sex has all the spices that adds a thrill and liveliness to your routine sex life and makes the sexual experience more cherished. Indulge yourself in a rough sex and see your sexual sensation soar above your imagination and expectations. So, when pain and pleasure get to work together, the feel good sensation gets you off easily. Here’s a handful of tips how to make the most of the rough sex for the raunchiest ever sexual experiences.
Decide What You Really Want
Do you really want domination in bed? Think over it before you leap. Well, as you know, regardless of the type of domination, it emphasizes on power and control. But, sometimes, it is like bonding over with your partner through a slightly rougher than normal sex. So, dominance is sometimes exciting and fun when you want a kinky sexual experience.

What Way You Want It
Know your sexual fantasies. Well, get ideas about the rough sex to ramp up the sexual intensity. You can read a few sexy novels, perhaps take cues from porn as well. However, Porn sometimes does not deal with real world things, rather they focus on imagination. Better you get ideas from the people who love to be dominated and had shared their experiences in a guide book. Now, it’s time for the action.
Scream and Yell
How many of us do the screaming and yelling during the romp? Very few! When you are really turned on, let your voice rip your roof apart.  And when you do, it feels relaxed and tension free, and in return it brings out the wild animal in you.

Nibble and Bite
Tearing apart its prey with their teeth and claws is the basic instinct of any animal. So, just turn yourself into an animal. Do the way an animal does to its prey. Be careful, your attack must have lusts, but care also. Give careful bites on her erogenous areas like the breasts, neck, belly and inner thighs. Give some licks on her nipples too in between the acts. The act will raise the velocity of both of your rhythms.

Claw Your Lover
Hold your sharp fingernails against the back of your lover and let them allow digging deep. So, when the nails create a friction on the back wall, they will send a sensual rush down there with lots of pain. And who knows it better- when both of you are highly aroused, the pain is like a sexual adrenaline.

Pull Each Other’s Hair
Get hold of the mane of your lover from the back of his head and pull him closer to you. It gives a good grip, yet the pleasure is outstanding. Ask him to do the same to feel the same sensation.
Aggressive movements
Aggressive to-and-fro movements unleash the wild passion out of you. So, when you engage in 
a brutal fight without any future near you, it will arouse both of you instantly. Hold onto it as long as possible to feel the sensuality. Don’t be too much aggressive to do the damage to the fragile body parts. So, don’t lose your mind and have it easy.

The burning Slap
The heating sensation of a burning slap does raise the intensity of sexual pleasure in both of you. Slap each other across the chest or the face. Slap across your partner’s back and butt, if he has his back in front of you. And see the animal plunging out of your lover.

Sometimes, kinky lovers enjoy sexual intimacy by restricting the oxygen supply as it ups the arousal. And when it comes to a rough sex; you can indulge yourself in this act but with much carefulness.  Impulse thrust on the neck can choke your guy’s breathing, resulting in a serious injury. Instead, you give him a gentle massage around your guy’s neck until he feels the sensation. You got another way to raise his temperature by blocking his mouth with a perforated pillow.

Dirty Talks
Abusive words have the power to create intense sexual fantasies for both of you. If you know your girl and she likes the dirty talks, whisper in her ears “bitch” or “whore.” So, go ahead with your bouquet of abusive words to indulge her into rougher and raunchier acts.

Force Your Strength on Your Partner’s Body
This is more like fantasizing a forceful sex. In such situation, your partner would think of being sexually overwhelmed by someone else. The thoughtful submission by a stranger would ignite her sexual cravings; continue talking dirty things into her ears. Envision the whole sexual scene, while your hands are busy touching her body roughly.
Be careful while indulging in a rough sex as it involves serious injuries to both of you. In order to experience a steamy and dirtier sexual experience, you can give it a try.