Dirty Things To Say To Your Boyfriend

Just like girls, boys too like it when they are talked dirty to. 
For someone who is not so good with talking dirty, it can be a bit of a pickle. Fret not, for this article is meant to help you out in the best way possible. 

Screaming out dirty things while you have sex is a major turn on that all couples must try out at least once in their lifetime. There is just something about talking filthy things while your partner is inside you or for a guy, when you are inside of her.
It’s like a superpower. Once you have aced the art of dirty talk, you can make your man stiff with just your words. Just words, not even touching.

What stops you from getting there is the set of rules that govern your subconscious mind. It tells you what is and isn’t socially acceptable and what it is that you think should not be spoken.
If you really want to enjoy the pleasures that dirty talk has to offer, you need to open up your mind to saying some pretty nasty things both for the sake of your partner as well as yourself.

There is an untamed, raw animal inside of every individual and all you need to is unleash it. 
Speak out your mind, let out the things you think of when you watch a guy undress, break the norms of social conduct and just say the dirtiest things you can. And within a span of time, you shall master this art.
There can be multiple circumstances for placing your dirty talk, from doing it to your crush to saying it over the phone to your boyfriend, the possibilities are endless.

That being said, the fact remains that not everybody is the same and similarly not every boy would happen to like dirty talk. So talk it over with your partner and make sure where they stand.
Even if your boyfriend doesn’t like it, there is nothing to worry about. There still are, let’s say, cleaner ways to arouse your man by talking about something that works for both of you.
For a boyfriend who would actually like to indulge in some dirty wild fantasies, here is a list of things that will give you the gist of it:

  1. I just wanted to let you know that I’m touching myself. Right now.
  2. Can you make it for lunch today? I feel like groping you in the car.
  3. I didn’t feel like wearing any underwear today.
  4. I can’t wait for you to be inside me.
  5. I want you right here, right now.
  6. I woke up this morning only to find myself moist down there.
  7. I love your dirty mind. Talk dirty to me.
  8. (Strip naked in front of him) Where would you like to touch me first?
  9. I want you to rip my clothes off of me.
  10. It feels so good when you’re inside me, makes me want to scream.
  11. I never used to be this horny all the time, but ever since I met you I just can’t help myself.
  12. I love the way your tongue feels when you eat me.
  13. Bite me on the neck and fuck me as hard as you want.
  14. You’re a total sex-machine.
  15. All day long I kept thinking about what I would do to you tonight. Let’s go to my place.
  16. Show me where you would like to be bitten.
  17. You’re a bad, bad boy.
  18. (In your best pleading tone) Please fuck me.
  19. (Order him) Fuck me. Now.
  20. Squeeze my breasts hard and kiss me harder.
  21. Show my pussy how much you like it.
  22. I want to fuck you all over the place tonight.
  23. You make me think really dirty things.
  24. I have waited all day long for you to come home and fuck me.
  25. Take off my dress.
  26. I am your bitch.
  27. It’s making me wet, just looking at you.
  28. Oh God, yes.
  29. Ride me hard. Tie me up the way you want.
  30. Let me bend for you to fuck me hard.
  31. Grab me from behind and bang me silly.
  32. You are so big it hurts, but I want you inside me anyway.
  33. We should have done this the first time we met.
  34. Fuck me like I’m your whore.
  35. First pay me and then you can have me in whatever way you like. (Roleplay)
  36. (Pretend like you are being molested) Stop. Let go of me.
  37. (Claw your nails on his back) Get deeper inside of me.
  38. My boyfriend can get home any minute now. (Roleplay)
  39. I’ve been a bad girl. How would you like to punish me?
  40. Giving you head makes me wet.
  41. Say dirty things into my ears while you bang me.
  42. You make me wet the sheets.
  43. You know really well how to make a girl scream.
  44. I love how hard you get for me.
  45. I love it when you do that. (Tell him exactly what you like)
  46. You make me so wet and slippery for you.
  47. Pull on my hair and fuck me hard.
  48. I want your seed all over my face.
  49. You make me feel so good.
  50. Just looking at you makes me want to touch myself.
Now that you have an idea of the kind of things a guy would like to hear you say, you might want to spice things up another level and get more creative. Get to know what your guy likes. It could be anything, anything at all. And as long as you can make it possible for him, you should totally try doing it. Give him that joy he needs and then watch, or rather experience him return the favor. A satisfied, happy boyfriend is the best boytoy you are ever going to get. And he is going to be all yours to derive pleasure out of. Let him make you scream, give it to you the way you like it. Watch your sex life become a major hit. 
Let the inner animal in you take control and live your wildest fantasy.