Cute things You can Say to Your Crush

Talking to your crush can seem harder than solving complex mathematical equations. But don’t you worry, we have got you covered. The only thing you need to be doing in order to impress someone you like, is to let them know of your feelings. The better you express yourself, the better are the chances of them falling for you. Timing and delivery, are the two things that you want to get right. 
Feeling nervous in front of someone you like is absolutely natural. Expressing yourself in front of them with butterflies in your stomach and a pounding heart is a challenging task for sure. The added risk of not having them reciprocate your feelings does not help either. After all it’s not necessary that the person you like is going to feel the same way as you.
However, you will never find out if you never tell them. If you really think about it, there isn’t anything to lose. It’s all in your head. At least you will know what things are at instead of living in an alternate reality of how things “could have been”.

How to express yourself
If you are not so good with vocally expressing yourself, you can write them a poem or something of the sort. Singing them a song is also an old classic idea. Nevertheless, here are some ideas for things that you can say to your crush.
Just remember that you want to keep things casual, not gush intensely about how deeply you feel for them and end up scaring them away.

Letting them know that you like them
You need to express your feelings and in order to do so, you could strike a conversation, throw in some small talk before you land one of the following lines-

1)Do you have any idea how amazing you look?
2)You know what you’re really good at? (What?) Making me like you.
3)How do you manage to look so adorable everyday?
4)You are so cute. I can’t help myself from looking at you.
5)I don’t know how, but I am just drawn to you.
6)You do know that I like you, right? Cause I really do.
7)How are you so awesome?
8)You look cute/hot/pretty, but I think you are so much more than that.
9)You are very attractive. Want me to prove it?
10)Can you tell how much I like you or do I need to make it more obvious?

Subtle appreciation
Doesn’t everyone feel nice when they are appreciated? Well, so does your crush. Letting them feel wanted or appreciated is even better than straight forward telling them that you like them. What to appreciate about them? Well, you have a crush on them. There must be something that you can compliment them about. You want to compliment them in a manner that makes them feel like they are pretty awesome, for who they are as a person.
Here are some ideas-

1)What you did back there- (mention something cool they just did)- that was pretty cool.
2)Stop for a second. Nope. Go back to smiling.
3)You are just so… wow.
4)All of us are special in some way, you know, but you… you’re something else.
5)You should keep talking all them time. Cause I just love your voice.
6)I think we need to take a moment to appreciate how much it is that you care about everyone around you. That’s really rare, you know.
7)You’re awesome and I think a lot of people would second me on that.
8)You just made my day. Thank you!
9)I just wanted to thank you.. For being you.
10)I sometimes feel like this world doesn’t deserve someone as amazing as you.

Asking them out
Once that you have made your crush aware of how you feel about them, the next logical step is to try asking them out. Want to go on that date that you have been fantasizing about all the time? Here are some lines that might help-

1)You know what we should try with each other? Dating.
2)Today was so good, we should do this more often. Or, everyday, if you would let me.
3)There’s this thing going on between us, do you feel it too?
4)I just can’t stop thinking about this person? (Who?) Well, you.
5)I don’t know what it is but it makes it really hard for me to walk away from you.
6)Can you do me a favor? Help me ask you out on a date?
7)I think it would be amazing to go out with someone as amazing as you. What do you think?
8)What kind of food would you like to eat if I take you out on a date tomorrow?
9)Can you help me pick out a place to take you out on a date?
10)Can you just repeat this for me: Would you like to go out? (Repeats) Sure, I would love that.

Proposing to them
Once that you go out together and get to know each other better, you should have an idea whether they are into you as well. If you want to move another step ahead by asking them to be your boyfriend/girlfriend, here are some ways to do that:

1)I don’t think I can take being just friends with you anymore.
2)I like where things are right now. Do you want to take it ahead?
3)I like being with you. Want to make that a bit more official?
4)Isn’t it strange how sometimes the person that you’re looking for is standing right in front of you? Look at me, for instance.
5)Thinking about you all day long is nothing compared to when I get to actually see you.
6)Isn’t it strange that you and I aren’t together yet?
7)It would take just one second for you and I to become us, if that’s what you want as well.
8)I want to be with someone who really gets me. You get me, right?
9)All this time I kept waiting for the right person to enter my life. The wait is over now that you’re here.
10)I need you in my life. Just be with me.

It doesn’t really matter what words you choose to express yourself, it’s the thought and actions that come along that actually count. Go ahead, tell them. Sending all the good luck your way!