Cute and Fun Games to Play With Your Boyfriend

These time-passing games shall be played when you are bored with your boyfriend and are just perfect for a good happy time, this will help to break the ice, get to know each other better, or just pass the time, whether you are on a blind date, or you just wanting to pass the time.  You can leave aside your normal doing stuff including talk about random stuff, answering your phones, or just watch passers-by, there's always a fun and exciting thing that you can do to pass the time—try these games to play with your boyfriend!

Relationship Games
Relationship games are here to save yourself being dull and boring as of late, have no fear. To get the fire going between you two again, here are 15 simple games you can play to your heart's content. Don't allow that mystique or that enigma of a brand new relationship die. It is new at every moment and it's your job as the relationship witch to conjure some magic, my lady.

These games are designed in such a way that they are not your typical relationship games. Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater and only go to dress up games. For a lively relationship, it is mandatory that your relationship is both mental and physical right? You should look attractive and pretty, inspiring your partner. We can inspire our relationships with those emotions originating from women. These games are both for new and established but ailing relationships. Try not to judge them before you try them out. I specifically came up with new games to get you out of your comfort zone and into a new way of thinking.

The relationships that last need to have friendship, depth and vulnerability, sound relationships are not just based on the physical aspects. Your creativity and emotional connection get built up than anything else through these games and what more can you expect to get. We've all heard of the usual games, why not try something different? Switch it up and show him you care about one of these fun games, even if it makes you silly. These games can ignite the flame again and get things going on the right track if the pilot is out often it's just taking time to make an effort that really, it needs fuel and a spark. So do build the fire and light the match.
It's free, it's fun, and it's a great way to not only get to know each other better, but to also deepen your bond. These games to be played with your boyfriend can be used almost anywhere as long as you have the right attitude and enthusiasm, thereby eliminating the awkwardness of small talk and the pressure of filling the silence with words.

Sometimes, these games may be just what you need to make the most out of your relationship—and you don't even have to have sex. So let the games begin!

Fun games to play with your boyfriend
At rough times that you have with your partner, try these fun, creative games. 

#1 No Words. This perfect first-date game start with two full glasses of drinks could be alcoholic or not you can play with a guy. One of the partners starts with asking "yes-or-no" questions about the other. For example, you can ask, "Do you feel that I am attractive or not as and when I entered the room?" The answer is my by sipping on the drink, one sip means "yes," and two sips means "no." You can alternatively ask such questions until the drink is fully complete. You can be as serious, funny, or teasing as you want to. 

#2 Two Truths and a Lie. This is another getting-to-know-you game. You start by telling your date or your guy two truths about you and one lie. Out of the three things you mentioned, your partner will have to judge which one is a lie among the three things you said. Either of you both partners can do one after other and, in the process, find out so many new details about each other not disclosed so far in the relationship.

#3 Never Have I Ever. Whether you are out for drinks or at Sunday brunch, you can play this exciting game that you can play with your man. Drinks or at least small snacks are very much part of this game.  You take turns by saying, "Never have I ever done…" and you say some random activity that you've never experienced. He's already done that thing you mentioned and he is confessing to the same for the question if your partner sips or eats from his drink. You should have your partner to finish his drink or food first and the trick is to think of something you know your partner may have already done.

 #4 True or False. Another version of the previous game is "True or False," which is also speedier. One of you will tell the other some piece of personal information, and the other has to guess if it's true or false. To make a steady relationship sizzle, even more, this is a great way to break the ice on a first date or beyond.

#5 Sticker Stalker. Your man will have a blast with this game and this is a fun game for both of you. "Sticker Stalker" is a sneaky game that requires stealth and agility as you secretly stick Post-its or stickers on people, whether in the supermarket, at the park, or in your office. You stick these stickers to as many people without offending them as you can without others noticing as a challenge. The person to put the most stickers on people wins.

#6 Sing Song Ping Pong. Channel your inner Pitch Perfect Barden Bella with this game you or your guy can start the game by singing a line from a song. The other should be able to quickly pick up the last word and start a new song with that last word, and the game goes on. The person who is stuck and can't come up with a song within reasonable time loses the game. 

#7 Spirit Animal. In this game, you need to be equipped with a paper, pen, and some colouring materials In this game, each of you will need to have. Draw their spirit animal after visualizing the aura of the other. You should then do the same for yourself. Then, when both of you are done, show your work to each other and explain why you drew what you drew. You have a great chance to learn something new about each other which will develop mutual appreciation also.

#8 Scavenger Hunt. The game can be very funny and exciting, to be more elaborate, a well-executed scavenger hunt unit. The scavenger hunt will be the under a game master in charge who sets up the game. The game master prepares another clue to the next location as well as a small gift for each solved clue. On Valentine's Day or even on your anniversary, this game can be played and is clean, yet the romantic game that you can play. 

#9 21 Questions. You can take the classic game of "20 Questions" up a notch because you're such a great couple. You make the other guess about something within an agreed-upon category, and your partner has to start asking up to 21 questions to guess what it is.

#10 Truth or Dare. You have to think up clever and difficult ways to give him an order or a dare If he answers, however, It could be anything goofy, disgusting, sexy, or something you both have never done before. 

#11 Double Date Charades. This classic game is best played with another couple, like a double date. 

#12 Board Game Night. Chess, Monopoly, Scrabble, Word Factory, the list is endless and you can choose or agree on what board game. 

#13 Twister. Another no-brainer couple's game is Twister. 

#14 Rock, Paper, Scissors. You can play this simple childhood game. It's fun, simple, and you don't need any tool or equipment, other than your hands. So whittle away the time and have some fun. You can even make it more exciting by betting on who wins and giving a reward to the winner. 

#15 Staring Game. It's a great way to get to know each other physically, be amazed at the colour of your partner's eyes, notice that lone freckle on his nose.

These games to play with your boyfriend are meant to, first of all have fun and pass the time.