BodyTech PrimalJax Review Is it a scam

The concept behind the health and fitness is an ever-changing science. It is influenced by factors that take place inside the body. Great fitness is associated with the improved level of testosterone and enhanced sexual life. When it comes to fitness, muscle mass and strength takes the front seat in the overall goals of staying healthy and warding off several health complications. However, muscle mass does not always give one that necessary strength for the ultimate fitness and sex. These two are different phenomena that focus highly on your workout techniques rather than your performances. Amongst various dietary supplements, BodyTech PrimalJax is designed to aid in the achievement of that muscle growth as well as strength together.

BodyTech PrimalJax- An Overview
This fitness and muscle strength booster is manufactured by the reputed maker of fitness related goods, The BodyTech. The manufacturer claims that the key ingredients of this supplement are compounded to promote a greater muscle mass and strength. Boosting muscle strength aside, it aims at intensifying your overall fitness goals, including stimulating the secretion of sex hormones testosterone. More the release of testosterone hormones; more is the counts of enhanced libido.

The unique and effective formula of BodyTech PrimalJax emphasizes on advocating stud appearances and gym objectives for younger and older gentlemen. Simultaneously, the product effectively aids older men in defying aging factors.
An exhaustive review on BodyTech PrimalJax performance and efficacy will be able to validate if the claims are true or not.

BodyTech PrimalJax Constituents and Their Functions

Mucuna Pruriens Extracts 500 mg
Macuna Pruriens belongs to the family of legumes and generally known as velvet beans. Its medical and sexual health benefits are immense. The extracts of the beans contain L-Dopa, an essential component required to improve the brain’s functionality. Its effectiveness aids the regulation of cortisol hormones to alleviate stress and growth of testosterone hormones.  

Maca Root 250 mg
The application of Maca Root has been there for long in the holistic medical history.  It contains many chemicals such as amino acids and fatty acids. It aids athletic performances as well as sexual performances. It is effective in reducing sexual health complications such as infertility in men and sexual dysfunctions in women influenced by anti-depressants. Maca Root also promotes a healthy secretion of testosterone and boosts libido so as to increase sexual desire in healthy men.

L-Arginine is an effective compound that triggers the secretion of nitric oxide, which is an important chemical compound for the composition of proteins and testosterone. L-Arginine has evidences to address the key issues to erectile dysfunctions or impotency. It increases the blood flow in the penis and thus increasing the sexual desire. And the formulation of this compound in BodyTech PrimalJax doubles the counts of nitric oxide during physical workouts and promotes a sexual desire.

Horny Goat Weed
It is a popular Chinese traditional medicine which is also known by Epimedium.  Icariin is an active component of Horny Goat Weed which is effective in reducing erectile dysfunctions.

One study in 2011 proved that the unique and active component Icariin can treat erectile dysfunctions or potency triggered by injuries to the nerves. Horny Goat Weed offers beneficial effects to treat secondary conditions of ED caused by diabetes, physical injuries and strokes. It acts as a vasodilator that supplies blood to the penis and raises the libido with enhanced sexual performance and endurance.

Magnesium is important for the protein metabolism and production of the muscle cell. Intense workouts at the gym do a lot of wears and tears on your physical parts. Magnesium offers to relax muscles and detoxify wastes post workout sprains.

Eurycoma Longifolia Jack
Often referred to as Malayasian Ginseng, this component is useful to cure the complications of erectile dysfunctions and promote the production of the testosterone. It ups your libido by acting as an aphrodisiac and improves the fertility.  

Devil’s Weed
The extract from Devil’s Weed has been formulated in many male enhancement products to up the functionality of testosterone and supports the aims of the body building.

When used in a concentration of 20:1 extract, this herbal extract is effective in promoting the sex drive to a greater number. As per the study, LongJax can reduce the secretion of stress hormone cortisol by 16% and promoting the production of testosterone by 37%.

Grape Seeds
The presence of component Resveratrol improves the blood circulation in the body in sync with nitric oxide.

BodyTech PrimalJax Intake Directions
Consumption of 4 capsules is must with each serving. However, they must not be taken all together. Take two capsules of PrimalJax in the morning and another 2 capsules at night. Continue this cycle for 3-4 weeks for the desired results. Take 1-2 weeks off and then resume the consumption.  

How BodyTech PrimalJax Works
BodyTech PrimalJax is enriched with all the ingredients that stress to promote sexual desires with the production of Testosterone hormones and devise to promote your fitness. The components do real  work as testosterone boosters while making you feel more excited to have sex more than usual.

Pros of BodyTech PrimalJax  
  • The formulations are of high quality and concentrated in a legit proportion.
  • The dosage of each compound is decent in the formulation.
  • All the natural ingredients have been used.
  • It earns some good reviews about its efficacy.
  • It is available at different online retailers.
Cons of BodyTech  PrimalJax
  • No elaborate information about BodyTech PrimalJax is found on the website.
  • No money back guarantee is available.
  • The compositions of the products do not go through any scientific scrutiny.
A container of 120 capsules costs $24.99. 10% discount on the purchase is available through membership cards of selected online retailers.

Final Verdict
The ingredients definitely work for the promotion of libido through the release of testosterone in abundances. It also supports the fitness programs. However, the blend of the ingredients is found to cause severe health complications. The time period is longer to notice the effective results. Consumers must take a risk to verify its benefits since it does not offer any reimbursement policy if fails to be effective. It’s better to try other testosterone booster male enhancement supplement on the market.