Ambi Fade Cream Review: Is it a hoax?

Ambi Fade Cream Review: Is it a hoax?

Ambi Fade Cream is an over-the-counter facial cream. One can easily discern what the product is all about? Yes, you guess it right. It is a facial cream that promises to transform dark skin into fairer skin tone by removing blemishes and dark spots from any part of the skin.  
A comprehensive review of the product may throw a light on its efficacy as claimed by its manufacturer and to offer a sense of reliability to you for a safe use.

Is it necessary to use Fade or lightening cream?

The amount of melanin decides the color of any skin. It is a pigment triggered by a cell called melanocytes. Individuals with dark skin are most likely to have increased amounts of pigments. Melanin aside, exposure to the sun, age factors, and skin irritations are the key reasons to trigger the development of uneven and patchy skin tones. Though sometimes the suntan seems to fade once the exposure becomes less, the age-related skin problems seem to stay permanently. This is where the skin lightening products tend to be of great use for the users. 

And when it comes to Ambi Fade Cream- this is just the right product to address a wide array of skin issues involving dark spots, blemishes, freckles, fine lines and others.

Key Features of Ambi Fade Cream

This is a treatment cream to prevent dark spots and blemishes.  It is formulated to lighten the hyperpigmentation so as to make the skin appear brighter and fairer.
The cream is white in color and has a soft texture that gets absorbed well in all over the body. Its mild and synthetic fragrance feels good on the skin. It comes in two variants – one formula for normal skin and another formula for oily skin.

Key Ingredients

Hydroquinone (2%)

This is a known skin lightening or bleaching component. It is widely recommended by the skin care experts or dermatologists to be used for the lightening or fading of the dark spots on the skin. Discoloration or dark patches on the skin can develop from cuts, wounds, extreme exposure to the sun or even scars. Hydroquinone also prevents the occurrence of melanin effectively and keeps the skin tone even.

Octinoxate  (2%)

It is an ingredient that is widely used in the formulation of the sunblock cosmetics. Hence, it actively provides a protection from the sun damage by absorbing UVB rays.  

Alpha Hydroxy Acid

This is an enhancement component of Ambi Fade Cream for the most effective results, better known as fruit acid. It triggers the reformation of the skin cells by working on the top skin layer. As a result, more refined skin tone with glowing textures can be achieved, making the skin look more youthful and rejuvenated.

Vitamin E

The formulation of Vitamin E in many skin care products emphasizes a safeguard from the glares of the sun using its anti-oxidant properties. Better known to be an effective chemical substance to protect the skin from pollutions and other elements, it actively removes freckles and lines from the skin while giving the skin a youthful and vibrant look.

Claims of the Manufacture

So far, the details of the manufacturer are not available in an elaborate way. But, many claims have been made by the maker of this dark spot treatment cream. The official site is loaded with the best compliments about the product’s effectiveness and usefulness in removing dark spots and other issues of the skin within two weeks after the application. In addition to this, the manufacturer has claimed that it is formulated for the woman with normal skin patterns. Thus, two variants- one for oily skin tone and another for regular skin tone are available. Further claims emphasize on the product’s safety features that cause no unpleasant side-effects on the skin and formulated to remove fine lines as well as polish the skin surface.   

How Ambi Fade Cream Works?

Like any other skin lightening products, Ambi Fade Cream has formulated the key ingredient Hydroquinone in it which is present in 2% concentration (over-the-counter). This ingredient is FDA approved and must present in 4%-6% concentration in prescribed medications by doctors. Ambi Fade Cream slowly works on the dark spots on the skin and prevents the further production of melanin. The effectiveness of this product has been proved long before. A study published in the International Journal of Dermatology proved that Ambi Fade Cream is 76.9% more likely to prevent the signs of hyperpigmentation than other lightening creams do at 66.7%.  

Pros Of Ambi Fade Cream

  • Clumping is not visible with Ambi Fade Cream as is with other skin lightening cream
  • It is formulated to suit the normal skin type and available in two variants.
  • Positive and effective results of the product can be viewed in 14 days only
  • No more fault lines, freckles, fine lines and wrinkles and the skin tends to be smoother
  • Formulated with sunblock properties to offer a greater protection shield from the scorching sun

Cons of Ambi Fade Cream

Incorrect claims made by the manufacturer of Ambi Fade Cream
Exposure to the cream content may result in skin irritation
Not effective on all skin types
Formulated with potentially dangerous ingredients like Hydroquinone
Does not have any money back guarantee

Possible Side Effects

Unpleasant skin irritation or allergic reactions can occur by the use of this product

Hydroquinone being a controversial component may raise the risk of paradoxical skin darkening if used in a larger amount

Final verdict

The formulation of Ambi Fade Cream is based on Hydroquinone which is present in 2% in the cream. This key ingredient is effective in lightening or fading dark spots, including hyperpigmentation anywhere on your body. The best thing about the key substance is that it is clinically recommended by the dermatologists for removing dark spots. Hydroquinone aside, the blend of alpha hydroxy acids in it, exfoliate dead skin cells and moisturizes the skin.  So, the positive effects of the cream can be viewed within a few days of use. For the women of color, this product has been formulated. However, irrespective of gender, this product can be applied to reduce dark spots on the skin and also on the acne scars and freckles. The upside of the product is that the application should be stopped as soon as the effective result is achieved.