20 Best Flirty Messages That Are Sure To Make Her Smile

Flirts sometimes can be the first step towards growing a relation and taking the whole thing to a different level. But, did you ever wonder how to flirt and how it works? If you lack that mental strength to do the flirting with the girl you are eyeing, you better have some lessons to develop your skills.

First of all, let’s get into deep to know the functions of flirting. At the same time, it is important to avoid any misunderstanding and confusions.

What is Flirting?
It is kind of a feeling when you both show interests to each other but, don’t dare to express it. This kind of mental distraction is often considered as crass and crude. Rather, you prefer to crack jokes, complement each other or make some physical gestures to let the world know about your intentions. More commonly, flirting is nothing but a way of communicating when two find interest in each other. However, the whole techniques involved in flirting can go wrong and send a wrong message if not delivered properly. There is no sexual or romantic excitement in flirting. And sometimes, it can go beyond just friendly wordplay and involve sexual intentions from one end and romantic frenzy from another. Sometimes, the intentions cannot be discerned properly by the recipients. So, the intentions of flirting can fail to incite that excitement and enthusiasm for the recipient. Improper discerning of the signals of flirting can result in complications and embarrassing situations. Sometimes, it is difficult to understand the mannerisms of flirting and what they are meant for.

How Flirting Works?
The flirting has different elements in it when we engage into flirting with someone. When we are interested in someone, we send some signals or messages. But, have you ever thought why these signals say about our likings and what do they exactly convey?  
As per the studies, flirting actually sends a signal about our fitness and ability to reproduce. It also conveys an alert about our physical appearances and enables us to be attracted towards the opposite sexes.

Science says that the art of flirting between a woman and man differs from each other. When a woman tries to attract the attention of a man by her protruded hips, she actually wants to draw his attention to her pelvis and her capability of giving a birth. On the contrary, men find interests in women with good hip sizes. This indicates the signs of fertility. Women too are interested towards men who have square jaws and give a broad smile. These are signs of strength and power of men. So, the flirting works best when there is a signal of fertility from both ends.
By now, you get to know flirting is all about a technique and also a science which must be conveyed properly to avoid misunderstanding. The best way to flirt with a girl and make her smile and grow her interests towards you is texting. With so many messaging apps available these days, it is better to text her flirty messages so that they can work for you and reap benefits for the long term goals for your relation.

While sending these flirty messages, you get to be a little bit saucy, sometimes a bit romantic and sometimes more sexual over the time to get the things work for you.
Let’s explore some of the best flirty text messages to make her smiles and make her want you more.

1.    “I wish I were a mirror and I could see you every day whenever you got to look yourself at the mirror”.

2.    “Do what your heart says”. By sending this flirty message, you can assure her that you are careful about her. And you really want her to live her dreams.

3.    “Let me massage your feet as they are hurt for wondering all the time in my mind”. You let her know that you always think of her.

4.    “Your hot look gets me tan every time I look at you”. The lines are a good trick to appreciate that she is beautiful and you are mesmerized by her look.

5.    “Have sweet dreams, I wish to be in them”. This is how you tell her that you want to be with her always.

6.    “I wish our friendship lasts longer. Do you really want to cover a long distance?”

7.    “What is your take on love at first sight? Do we fall in this category?”

8.    “Do you follow a to-do-list. If yes, would you like to add me to it?”

9.    “Do you get hurt when you fall from the high?”

10.   “I am a little bit complicated like Rubik’s cube. I can get harder, the more you play with me.
11.   “I am lying in the bed bored. I don’t mind playing Simon Says”. She will know that you are really keen to be played by her whenever you want.

12.   “Can I get a picture of yours? My friends are nagging to see an angel amongst us”.

13.   “I know you are not ready for the children now. But can we give it a try to get off today, just for a rehearsal? This is a direct exciting message to give her sexual desire a stir.

14.   “I am done with the shower. Isn’t it exciting to make me dirty all over again?”

15.   “The interesting thing about a keyboard is that U and I are by each other’s side”.

16.   “I see you in my dreams every time I fall asleep. And when I am awake, I dream to be 
with you in my sleep”.

17.   “I possess the best tricks to satisfy your libido. But, if you think you got the best technique, let’s try it and see who wins”.

18.   “I have some liquid chocolate. Please suggest what to do with it”.

19.   “Are you free to play with me for the rest of the life”?

20.   “I do not have enough courage to tell you how much I love you. So, I better  keep those feelings to myself only.”

No matter, what the occasion is. Just text any of these flirty messages to give her a reason to smile. And who knows, it can bring her closer to you.