10 Dirty Questions To Ask A Girl And Make Her Wet

Sometimes little dirty talks sound good and effective when it comes to making a girl wet on your first date. Before you go ahead, keep one thing in mind, women take longer than men to get aroused and reach the climax.  Though it is not a tough job, it requires some skills to make girls horny and fill her pussies with juices. There are a few men who have inbuilt capabilities to accomplish their goals, but some like you really need some lessons. The most effective way to make your girl wet is the conversation filled with dirty stuff.

Effective communication is the key to building a healthy relationship. However, this conversation must have some important aspects when you talk some dirty stuff with the girl. Understand another thing that once a girl starts getting lubricated, it does not mean she is ready for the instant penetration. The process actually commences in the brain, therefore; men must know the trick to set the mood with conversations. Here’s going some of the dirty questions you should ask your girl to arouse her. These questions are quite handy to impress her and once you become successful, you can take her to the bedroom for the romp. The best part about these questions is that they will definitely work if she is your crush or she is a flirty girl.

Q#1. Are You Alone?
The best trick in the approach to give her a feeling of lubrication is to ask “are you alone”? Foremost, this question actually breaks the ice between two strangers and facilitates you to get going with an ease. It also helps you understand her current stance. It removes confusions about whether she is alone or with people around at home. Simultaneously, if she is idle at home, it is easier for you to get to the point indirectly. And when she reciprocates that she is really alone at home, it is time to make hay while the sun shines. Reveal your desire by expressing, “I wish I could be there with you”.  

Q#2. What Are You Up To?
This question is just apt to know if she is really alone and feeling bored at the right moment. Don’t hurry and take your time to ask this important question. And when you find her expressing herself comfortably, get going without stopping.

Q#3. Do You Love Cuddling?  
Ask her this question if she loves cuddling in the bed. This flirty question will soothe her about opening her mind. She will tend to say if she became cozy with someone else in the bed. If this is not, she will love getting those strokes from you that she will reveal later through the ongoing conversation.

Q#4. What do you wear when you go to bed/ wearing tonight?
This is a perfect question when you know that she is already in the bed.  This is some kind of a raunchy question which excites her sexual being. Upon being asked this question, if she gives a description of her attire, say something like “You definitely look beautiful with that night dress. Well, if she is your girlfriend, insist her to say what she is wearing? You may ask her about her lingerie or the color of the garments.

Q#5. What is the sexiest outfit?
Now it is time to talk straight away rather doing the formal dialogues. Jump to ask what does she love to look sexy? This question works wonders for the long term couples to know each other’s sexual fantasies. Another way, this helps you discern if she is really excited to try a new outfit in which she will look sexy. They are praiseworthy and exciting for the sexual desires. A Very sexy dress and some killer moves could have you prematurely ejaculating.

Q#6. Did you ever see any couple making love intentionally or accidentally?
This is one of the best questions to give your conversation more sexual overtones. This sensual question will not give her any discomforts since you are discussing about someone else’s sexual activities. She continues to answer your question and feels relaxed. And who knows, this may excite her and make her envision herself in the foreplay with you.

Q#7. Have you ever thought to make love with any guy only because you were wet?  
It is entirely absurd to stereotype women, thinking they do not have those sexual feelings like men.  Anything steamy or raunchy can ignite a sense of sexual urges in women and they love to experience the phenomenon right at the moment. Providing her with a chance to open her mind about her sexual experiences, she may give you clues about her approval of getting down with and doing all the naughty things with you. So, ask her this question and express your sorrow by saying, “I wish I could have been that guy”.

Q#8. If you have a pair of x-ray glasses, which part of the body (below the shoulder) of a guy would like to see?
With this question, you get the opportunity to get naughty. Inspire her and let her speak her mind with the dirty talks rather than you make it. Arouse her technically so that she does not take that standard name like his “eyes”. Allowing her to pick any part of the guy’s anatomy, you get another chance to know which part of the guy’s body turns her on.

Q#9. What’s Your Secret move to arouse a guy?
By allowing her to envision the sexual act with a guy, you are likely to feed her brain with sexual appetite too.  The more she describes her sexual encounters with a specific guy, the more she seems to be turned on. Further, she is on a spree to prove her sexual skills and maybe this time with you.

Q#10. Which part of your body becomes turned on by a touch of a guy?
Well, this question is not only helping you know her sexual preferences, it will allow her to visualize the scene in her mind. She will definitely be aroused by the question while describing the act. Taking cues from her sexual preferences, you can improve your techniques to impress her with your moves.

Note: When you are successful in your goals and going for the d-day, never ever repeat the technical words that doctors use. During your sexual encounter, refrain from saying your vagina or penis as they sound so creepy while making love.